Mato Wool Knitting Wooden Umbrella Yarn Swift Winder

Far better than plastic or steel winder

If you are looking to buy or upgrade your swift than consider to buy this birch wood winder. It is far better than cheap plastic or steels ones. Our birch wood winder is very sturdy, durable and smooth. If you wind lots of yarn than get the best tool to avoid any frustrations.It has a large wooden knob at the top that works as a weight while winding yarn. When the skein thins out it sinks down a bit making the umbrella larger and keeping the yarn tight and tidy. It is a great swift and works perfect with large heavy yarns.

save time to knit and crochet more

If you have been using hands so far wait until you use our swift. You will think you should have bought it long time back. It saves so much of your time. With the use of our swift you can save so much time. You can use all your time to knit and crochet instead. It surely is a great tool for efficient knitting.

Why Mato birch wood winder

- Durable, sturdy and smooth
- Far better than plastic or steel swift
- Makes winding yarn so much easier
- Easy to hook clamp on any table or shelf edge
- Easy to assemble and store

Get your classic must have knitters tool today. You will only wish you should have got it years ago.

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