Mato Eco Friendly Jute Toy Storage Bin Basket Drawer Organizer

Made from natural Jute burlap material
Has a waterproof lining
Multi function - Can be use to store variety of things
Fits any shelf or drawer
Dimensions: Length:20", Width: 15", Height: 11" - Comes with two handle for easy mobility

Perfect lightweight sturdy storage basket

This storage basket is very sturdy and when opened will stay open and holds its shape. It has two handles which is very convenient for mobility. It is made from natural burlap. It has a waterproof lining inside which will keep your belongings safe.

Store anything you want

This storage basket has many uses around the home, garage or back yard. It can be used for kitchen, pantry and various other purpose. It can be used as a storage for gardening tools, used to transport things back and forth.

Get your storage basket today and use it for anything you want.

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