Little Mato Soft Thin Reusable Natural Organic Breast Nursing Pad 6 count

Very Soft You can't really feel them

These breast pads work great. They are very soft and it protects from leaking. It is washable and doesn't smell. Breast feeding can be tough, as lot of moms know. But with these soft, hypoallergenic pads from Little Mato it makes breast feeding much more painless.

Reusable and Natural

As you know how painful it is to buy nursing pads all the time. We have solved this problem by introducing reusable nursing pads. Above all it is natural and Eco-friendly. It is made from 100% bamboo fibers. Why spend more on disposable when you can benefit from reusing and it is natural.

Why Little Mato Nursing Pads? - Naturally made from Bamboo
- Reusable
- hypoallergenic
- Ultra soft
- Super thin
- Very comfortable

Try it for yourself...Get your premium nursing pads today and feel the difference

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