Why our products?

Would you recommend bamboo wristwatches or wooden sunglasses to your friends? We wood! Fashion is important to us, just as important as our principle philosophy. From the day of conception, we have strived towards creating eco-friendly cosmetics, fashion accessories and design pieces with a green aesthetic.

Like you, we want to encourage a healthier, sustainable more nature friendly lifestyle for people of all ages. And we’ve got everything you can imagine! From exotic slip-on shoes to hats, travel rucksacks to fashionable totes, we’ve got everything to fit your fashion needs, and it doesn’t stop there. Want to go the extra mile? We’ve got eco-friendly cosmetic products, gorgeous salt lamps and fragrances to accommodate your lifestyle!

All of this, we deliver right to your doorstep. Don’t just live a greener, healthier lifestyle, broadcast it with style!