Mato From The Himalayas

Our Story, Our Mission!


Mato comes from a Nepalese word for Mud. Our products are inspired by nature. They are sourced and handmade in Nepal. Major influences for design & making of our products comes from roots of Nepal. Its culture, places, warmth of people, hills & mountains and many more factors inspires us in making our products.

Core factor of Mato is to bring quality earthy products to existence. Mato is formed under three major pillars sustainability, spirituality, Nepalese heritage and ethnicity. Therefore, these there major components are reflected in our products.

For us Mato is much more than a plain simple product. It is our initiative to keep Nepalese heritage and culture alive. We are honored and thrived to bring a piece of Himalayas to your door step.

We hope our goodies will accompany you in your endless journey. May you create loads of memories and treasure valuable moments with your soulful companion.

Thank you for being part of our yatra!

Love & Peace,



Handmade with Love