STREGNTH| Discover your POWER WORD for 2019

STREGNTH| Discover your POWER WORD for 2019


Welcome to 2019, can you believe another year has flown by? With the new year ahead of us there also comes the famous “New Year’s Resolutions.” Some main-stream resolutions you and your friends have heard of or tried in the past include: going to the gym 5x a week, cutting out carbs, and goals usually surrounding the outer shell of our physiques. I am responsible for these surfaced resolutions as well. However, this year I challenge you to open your mind up to something more. What if your resolution was renamed to an intention or affirmation? Better yet, a single POWER WORD that sparks joy in your heart!

To further explain, the word resolution for the New Year can add unnecessary pressures to anyone. There’s a certain stigma about resolutions that if you don’t follow through with them, you’ll be doomed for the rest of the year. Dramatic much? I'd say so, but I'm entirely writing this from past experience. Toss out the guilt and shame this new year and focus on your intentions. The word intention implies that there is a plan in place, and if it doesn’t play out, it was just a plan, redirect your path somewhere else that will further benefit you. Since I have already written about the power of affirmations/intentions, in a blog titled, “Joy Comes in the Morning,” We will center our minds on the importance of the POWER WORD.

Did you know you have the opportunity to claim your own word? You’re probably asking yourself what in the world is this girl talking about? Breathe, it’s simple. Find a word that brings you joy, gratitude, and power. A word that you didn’t really know you needed but deep down your soul craved for so long. I own the word STRENGTH for 2019. Indeed, building on physical strength accentuates confidence on the outside, except I’m talking about inner-strength folks.

My inner-strength this year will empower me to no longer be silent. I will have the strength to finally forgive myself for the past and others who have betrayed my trust. I will have a stern voice that WILL BE HEARD that will resonate to others to let them know they can no longer take advantage of my kindness. This does not mean the world has turned me “cold,” it means that I am ready to start living for myself. I used to think to live for yourself meant you were selfish. The truth is, practicing self-love and care actually enhances your friends and family’s lives too.    


“When you are able to give the world the best version of yourself everyone benefits.”


-Olivia B, Artist


            Do yourself a favor and question, are you open to becoming a little more vulnerable and slightly uncomfortable at times, to truly see some positive transformations in your life? If you believe you are STRONG like I know you are, you will be ready to follow these steps to take on the new year in a whole new perspective.


  1. Discover your POWER WORD. What word stands out to you the most and sparks joy in your heart? (These words below are purely examples. You are free to choose any word that comes to mind.)











ENERGY                                                                                               STRENGTH



  1. Take time and focus on where this POWER WORD is coming from. Is it coming from you, your heart, or a loved one'/society’s pressure?


  1. When you find the word that speaks truth to you, stay gentle. Remember, this is your life, and you have this fantastic opportunity to get to be your own boss. Be the best "CEO" of your mind body and soul, and the world will become boundless.


  1. Who said you have to do this process alone? Grab a friend and engage in a brainstorming session. It is beneficial to talk with close friends and family about our desires, issues, and mindsets for what we want to cultivate in life. It is also inspiring to hear another person’s dreams.


  1. Go out into the world and live your TRUTH. My best advice, which I have to remind myself over and over again, is to be patient with the process. To really want change in your life you honestly have to fight. Stand tall, even when you feel like running away because, in the end, you will live the life you’ve always deserved.
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